Cherry Trees

Cherry ripening from green to red.

We are pleased to offer cherry tree spraying services. This consists of 4 applications of Entrust, an organic product that targets leafroller, budmoth, coddling moth, cherry fruit fly and spotted winged drosophila. The applications of Entrust are made during the growing season starting at the first blush of color (2nd cherry from the left) on the cherry fruit and every 7-10 days for 3 applications. Please inform our office when the first blush of color occurs.

For more information on Entrust:
Manufacturer’s label for Entrust:

Black Cherry Aphids

Black cherry aphids are pests that can affect your cherry trees. These aphids can cause leaves to display a “curled” or distorted appearance, reduce terminal growth, and deposit a sticky “honeydew” on cherries and leaves.

The good news is that they are easy to spot and treat. Simply inform us if black cherry aphids have become a problem for you and we will apply an insecticide called Admire to your tree.

For more information on Admire:
Manufacturer’s label for Admire:

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