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4 Seasons of Tree & Plant Care Tips


  • Prune your rose bushes
  • Power rake, fertilize and aerate lawns
  • Deep root fertilize your trees and shrubs
  • Hazard prune deciduous trees when foliage has emerged
  • Inspect and spray shade trees for pests and funguses
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs
  • Remove old stumps
  • Perform any landscape installations


  • Ensure your trees and plants are appropriately watered
  • Maintain (prune and shear) your hedges and ornamental conifers
  • Summer prune shade trees for light filtration
  • Mulch trees and gardens to retain moisture during dry summer months
  • Fertilize lawns, rhododendrons and shrubs
  • Grind and/or remove any stumps
  • Consider any tree removals at this time


  • Inspect shade trees for rot and weaknesses before winter storms arrive
  • Cable brace and tie susceptible limbs to prevent snow and wind damage
  • Treat trees with copper spray
  • Hazard and spiral prune trees for wind filtration
  • Consider and act on any necessary tree removals
  • Install new trees and transplants
  • Seed new lawns
  • Aerate and fertilize your lawns


  • Pruning and thinning pines while dormant (otherwise the sap will attract pine beetles)
  • Mulching your plant beds to insulate roots from the cold
  • Dormant spraying of your trees, shrubs, and garden with lime and sulfur
  • Reparation of any winter storm damage
  • Hard wood removals and pruning

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